Interest rate swap (IRS) has been an essential tool for fixed income investors, corporate treasurers, risk managers, and banks. The IRS market started decades ago as a way for corporations to manage interest cost on their debt obligations. It has now become one of the most useful and liquid derivatives markets in the world. The use of IRS for hedging, speculating, and managing risk has made it one of the commonly used derivative instruments in the financial services industry. Interest rate swaps are commonly traded over the counter customized contracts between institutional counterparties.
IRS is of great use to bond fund managers. It helps fixed income fund managers to manage duration risk caused by fluctuation in interest rates. By altering rates exposure using swaps, fund managers can optimize their exposure to changes in the shape of the curve. IRS is also a good substitute for less traded/illiquid bonds.

Oct 12, 2013

There are many reports that have been introduced regarding cancer prevention. Cancer is still undergoing extensive research and there are no clear cut lines on how to prevent the disease. However, there are certain lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of developing cancer. This is because they tend to boost immune system and make you healthy overall. Below are some simple lifestyle changes that you can incorporate to help prevent cancer.
First, avoid using tobacco products. Tobacco will increase your risk of developing different types of cancer such as lung, bladder and kidney cancer. When you chew tobacco, you are increasing the risk of getting pancreatic cancer or cancer of the oral cavity. Remember that expose to second hand tobacco smoke can also put you at risk. You need to seek help if you are willing to quit tobacco but you cannot on your own. There are a number of products in the market which can help you to stop tobacco dependency.
It is a sad fact that Filipinos have limited knowledge when it comes to investments. Yes, probably the only investment we know of is business. We do not even consider saving in a bank as an investment. In entirety, we see banks as a place where we put our money and get it from time to time. We do not have a sophisticated definition of what truly is an investment.
In a place like the Philippines, Filipinos need to diversify their options for investments. Having a business is not your only choice. As a matter of fact, there are several investment schemes, good ones by the way, that can surely make your hard-earned money rolling into piles especially for Filipinos abroad or the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). As an OFW it is your prerogative to save and invest your money because working in other countries is not permanent and the regular salary you receive may not last. To back yourself up and your family, you need to put your money into financial investments that will increase its value.
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